Coop City

is a neighborhood located in Baychester, Bronx, New York; the most Northeast section of the Bronx. Coop City NYC has a zip code of 10475.

Coop City, also written as Co-op City or Co op City, identifies as a New York City housing cooperative located in Baychester, the uppermost section of Northeast Bronx, with 15,372 residential co-op apartment units in 35 Coop City co-op high-rise buildings and 7 Coop City co op townhouse clusters. The name Baychester identifies as the Bronx neigborhood as a whole. Coop City itself has approximately 50,000 residents.

Coop City

Coop City is managed by Riverbay Corporation which takes on the day to day Coop City operational and administrative duties including the purchasing and selling of Coop City co-op apartments. Riverbay Corp. has over 30 different departments to cater to the needs of Riverbaycorp Coop City residents.

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