Co-op City women fatally stabbed in Building 16A

Posted: Dec 03 2016 at 11:27am | Views: 2011
44 year old woman found fatally stabbed inside her Coop City Building 16A home

Coop City Public Safety officers were called to the second floor of Building 16A on November 26th, 2016 after a woman reported seeing a trail of blood in an apartment. The responding officers made the grisly discovery of a 44 year old woman stabbed multiple times in the chest and unresponsive.

According to the Public Safety report on the tragedy, officers responded to a frantic call for help from two women in the second floor hallway of the building. One of those women was the mother of the victim who, according to the report, told the officers that she saw a trail of blood in her apartment and ran out in the hallway calling for help. A neighbor came out to comfort her and help her alert Co-o City Public Safety who responded immediately.

The officers entered the apartment and discovered the victim, identified later as 44 year old Sophia Lamb, leaning against a couch and unresponsive.

An Emergency Medical Service (E.M.S) unit was called to the scene by the responding officers along with NYPD 45th Precinct Detectives and detectives from CCPD's own unit. Responding EMT's pronounced the woman dead shortly before 2 p.m. and Public Safety officers and supervisors immediately established the home as a crime scene. Detectives from NYPD's 45th Precinct arrived at the crime scene a few moments later.

A short time later, investigators identified Andre Curtis Ms. Lamb's husband, as "a person of interest."

Family members of Ms. Lamb told media outlets later that day that Ms. Lamb's husband was told weeks earlier to leave the home, which he had shared with his wife and her parents since June.

The victim's mother told the New York Daily News that Mr. Curtis did move out as requested, but returned to the home the night before seeking to speak to his wife. According to the media report, he was turned away.

Responding media outlets reported that when news of the tragedy reached Ms. Lamb's co-workers at the Westchester Hospital where she was employed, many rushed to the building in disbelief and mourned in horror along with her Co-op City neighbors, friends and relatives at the horrific, senseless tragedy that had occurred just hours before.

By Bill Stuttig
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