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Feeding animals in Co-op City

Posted: Dec 03 2016 at 12:44pm | Views: 1345
Feeding animals in Co-op City

Coop City residents and shareholders are reminded that it is a violation of your lease to place food out for animals to eat. A Community Complaint may be issued for littering to anyone who puts food out for any reason. Well intention-ed cooperators may think they are putting food out for stray cats or birds, but the food ends up attracting rats, raccoons, skunks, coyotes or other animals which can be a threat to other Coop City residents.

Feeding wildlife, such as geese, also tends to change the migration pattern of these animals as they end up not flying south for the winter. This was the case last winter in the New York area where many geese were found starved to death when they did not fly south for the winter and their normal food source was covered by deep snow. Food placed out for animals is often lacking in the nutrition needed by the animals and serves to upset their ecological balance.

Please resist the urge to place food out for animals in Co-op City or elsewhere.

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