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Departments - Coop City Human Resources Department

Human Resources serves as a link between Riverbay management and employees. The Department's goal is to foster positive relationships, to increase job satisfaction, and to make sure that all of our customer and client needs are met. Other responsibilities of the Human Resources Department include administration, recruitment, background checking, compensation and benefits, training and development and employee relations. Human Resources also responds to employee complaints made pursuant to a detailed Anti-Harassment Policy and Complaint Procedure and to wrongful discharge and employment discrimination charges brought before administrative agencies and courts. Finally, Human Resources provides ongoing training in the areas of employment discrimination, harassment, management skills, diversity tolerance and customer service.

Mirande Valbrune, Director
1-718-320-3514 (phone)

At the heart of RiverBay Corporation's operations are its employees, who are here to serve its Co-Operators. With almost 1100 employees dedicated to this purpose, the Coop City Riverbay Department of Human Resources oversees various management and administrative functions.

Shona Pinnock, Employment Recruitment Manager
1-718-320-3421 (phone)

In addition to non-represented management employees, there are five unions at RiverBay:

  • PBA
  • Local 282
  • Local 153
  • Local 32BJ
  • Local 94

Human Resources handles all of these unions' grievances, labor relations, arbitrations and Collective Bargaining Agreements.

Coop City Riverbay Human Resources Department is concerned that Co-Operators receive the quality of service that they expect and deserve. Accordingly, Human Resources rewards employees who go above and beyond the call of their job duties to contribute to this organization. For example, the Great Ideas Incentive Program was implemented in January 2006 for innovative cost-cutting ideas. When necessary, however, Human Resources also counsels and advises Department Heads and supervisors in implementing appropriate discipline against employees who fail to perform or who engage in objectionable conduct.

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