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The Riverbay Co-op City Maintenance Department is comprised of four sections: Building Maintenance, Repairs and Preventive Maintenance, the Lock Shop, and the Emergency Desk. Requests for work are taken by one of the three Cooperator Services Offices (CSO) during normal working hours. CSO issues work orders for Maintenance to perform the job and creates a historical record of the work performed. From 4 p.m. to 8a.m. and all day on weekends and holidays the Emergency Desk prioritizes and handles all emergency calls. Maintenance works 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

1-718-320-3300 (phone)

Co-op City contractors for home renovation, repairs and maintenance.

Building Maintenance is broken down into six sections, with Section 5 being divided in half. Building Maintenance handles routine, preventive, public space and emergency maintenance repairs in various areas such as electrical, plumbing and HVAC. The Emergency Desk provides service to the cooperators around the clock, 365 days a year; it has been expanded recently to handle the replacement of convector motors, which results in improved service to the cooperators.  As its name implies, the services performed are vital. Quick response is available for gas odors, fires, floods and other emergencies. The Emergency Desk is the first to respond to large emergencies as well, such as water main breaks and sewer backups. Steps can be taken by the Emergency Crew in serious situations to minimize damage to the property and immediately start to bring situations under control.

The Repair Shop not only builds new convectors for all the apartments, but also repairs all the playgrounds, benches and contains a carpentry shop that handles all RiverBay's carpentry needs.

An in-house licensed locksmith runs the Lock Shop, which performs all the functions and services of a licensed locksmith shop from cutting keys to installing new apartment doors.

The Home Improvement Fair offered the services of the Maintenance Department's Repair Shop for kitchen cabinet re-facing and upgrades. This has been very successful in past years.

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