Departments - Co-op City Grounds Department

Donovan Plummer, Director
1-718-320-3425 (phone)

The Co-op City Grounds Department is responsible for the maintenance and cleanliness of all grounds areas throughout the development. Daily duties include establishing and maintaining new and old lawns, removing diseased trees and planting new trees, shrubs and flowers; controlling weeds and fertilizing all grass, trees, and shrubbery, trimming and pruning all trees and shrubs, cutting and maintaining grass and watering of all flowers and shrubs.

The Co-op City Grounds Department is also responsible for cleaning all townhouses, raking and removing leaves, interacting with co-operators, removing snow, installing post and chains in various areas, removing all bulk garbage in dumpster pads, repairing and replacing damaged dumpsters and maintaining and repairing all cleaning equipment.

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