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The Co op City Restoration Department restores both occupied and vacant apartments, in addition to public spaces. Before the restoration work begins, however, they inspect the apartment or public space to identify the work that needs to be done, create work orders for each area required to do work and schedule appointments with shareholders in occupied apartments.

The Co op City Restoration Department plaster, prime, paint, touch-up popcorn ceilings, remove wall paper, stucco, brick face and tile, compound, paint and caulk baseboards and tape and install sheetrock, greenboard and popcorn ceilings. In addition, they rip out and install wood floors, ceramic floor and wall tiles and floor sadles, remove and install saddles, reducers, vct and baseboards and regrout ceramic tiles.

In vacant apartments, the Co op City Restoration Department will also throw out old carpeting, remove all left over furniture and garbage, remove wall mirrors and all wall coverings, change all convector motors, change covers when necessary, light switches, recepticles and all plates. They will also install counter tops, base cabinets, wall cabinets, bathroom vanities, basins, toilet bowls, deck sets, kitchen sinks, light fixtures, globes and window balances, repair tubs and buff floors.

The Co op City Restoration Department will also handle leaks and pipe breaks; perform minor plumbing repairs such as replacing a trap, remove and install bathroom and bedroom closet doors, frame out, sheetrock and install mirrored slider closet doors, remove and replace all necessary hardware, remove and deliver stoves and connect stoves to gas lines.

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