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Arrest Made In Lewd Behavior Case in Coop City Laundry Rooms

Posted: Nov 08 2016 at 6:58am | Views: 2160
Arrest Made In Lewd Behavior Case in Coop City Laundry Rooms

Detective William Pagan and Officer Joel Lugo of the Co-op City Public Safety Department arrested a male last Thursday, 11/3/16, wanted in connection with several instances of displaying lewd behavior near Coop City laundry rooms.

The arrest took place on the 15th floor in Building 10B while the officers of the Detectives Unit were conducting a routine vertical patrol of the building.

"They were doing a sweep where they stopped on each floor, looked into the incinerator rooms and when they popped around the corner, he (the suspect) was standing right there," said Detective Joe Monahan.

The suspect, who was described as a dark-skinned male, approximately 5 feet 9 inches tall, with short black hair, was known to the department. He was arrested by Dets. Monahan and Pagan for the same behavior approximately one year ago.

"Ever since the first report came in, Detective Pagan has been monitoring the videos and catching him in the buildings, but we haven't been physically running into him, that's why we put out the posting in the paper," said Detective Monahan.

"We have him in different buildings about nine times on video over the last year, but we never got the chance to nab him by the time we got there," said Detective Pagan.

The suspect's photo and profile were posted in the October 8, 2016 issue of the Co-op City Times to alert women using the laundry room to be on the lookout and to report to Public Safety of the NYPD if they came across the suspect, who was reportedly seen staring inside the laundry room window at senior or older females or sitting down next to them in the laundry room and then engaging in the indecent, lewd behavior. [See related post]

"Thank God he never touched anybody," said Detective Monahan. "What he would do was to get close to them. He followed several people up to their floors and he would start touching himself. He attempted to gain entry by asking a female if he could use the bathroom one time, but she told him no," added Detective Pagan.

The perpetrator was charged with several counts of criminal trespassing, public lewdness and possession of marijuana.

"I commend the dedication, perseverance and professionalism displayed by members of our detective squad during this investigation," said Chief Frank Apollo, commander of the Co-op City Public Safety Department. "Their steadfast attitude and commitment to the safety of the community resulted in a successful apprehension of this individual. I am extremely proud of the work that my staff accomplishes on a day to day basis which maintains the quality of life for the people of Co-op City."

By Rozaan Boone

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