Blasting music ...inconsiderate neighbor

Guest Group
Guest Group
Posted: Jan 18 2017 at 9:42am | Views: 5133
In this buildings like any other there is no sound proofing. The walls and floor are brick and concrete construction therefore being that concrete and cement are good sound conductors sounds will travel as if it would be in your place.

Rent a Coop City, Bronx apartment

Guest Group
Guest Group
Posted: Dec 28 2016 at 2:39am | Views: 5133
Are we (l) entitle to have and enjoy our apartment without music ..or xbox games blasting so terrible that you actually feel the vibrations under your feet....the bass all around you....and l can say everyday..l had to go down to the neighbor and ask him if he can lower the bass...or bring it down so l can have some quiet time so l can watch my t.v.program....what can be done in matter?the walls in these apartments do not block sounds..Are we not entitled to enjoy our quiet time?

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