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Two new Co-op City ESU officers begin serving the community

Posted: Jan 20 2017 at 8:19pm | Views: 1519
The Co-op City Public Safety Department's (CCPD) Emergency Services Unit, which provides around-the-clock emergency medical care for the entire community, will add two new Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) to their ranks this weekend, starting 1/21/17, Lieutenant Chris Bulat, commander of the specially-trained unit announced this week.

Officers Ryan Wilkins and Victor Reyes successfully completed the 110-hour training course administered by New York State earlier this week, with Officer Wilkins receiving honors as the Top Student in his Code One Training Academy, the first time a Co-op City Public Safety officer achieved such a distinction.

The two new EMTs will begin their service to the community this weekend as part of a 24-hour emergency medical service provided to the community above and beyond the coverage provided by FDNY's Emergency Medical Services Bureau. In the case of Co-op City, with the ESU unit based in the community at all times, the department's EMTs most times arrive on the scene of a medical emergency in the community minutes before the FDNY EMS arrives, which can often mean the difference between life and death.

On two occasions over the last few years, quick actions taken by Co-op City EMTs revived persons who had stopped breathing due to cardiac arrest and got the person to the hospital for follow-up care. In one of those cases, the person passed days later due to the extensive damage caused by the initial heart attack, but in the other case, the person who was saved is still walking among us, living a full and productive life thanks to the heroic actions of Co-op City's trained EMTs.

Officers Wilkins and Reyes began their training in September 2016 after being selected by Lt. Bulat as having the fortitude to handle the job. But before becoming members of Co-op City ESU, they first had to complete the extensive and intense 110-hour training course required for becoming NYS Emergency Medical Technicians. In addition, they had to complete a 16-hour ride-a-long on a New York State certified EMS Ambulance service.

According to Lt. Bulat, after completing their course at Code One EMT Training and their ride-a-long with Empress Ambulance, they each had to pass practical skills proficiency exams and a 110-question final written exam in order to obtain their NYS EMT-B License. On Thursday, January 19th, both officers successfully completed and passed all the necessary requirements to become Certified New York State Emergency Medical Technicians.

They will join the Emergency Service Unit tomorrow, 1/21/17 and begin a 6-months on the job training program to assure a seamless integration into the Co-op City ESU.

Lt. Bulat said, "As Commander of the Emergency Service Unit, I am very proud of the accomplishments of both officers and believe they will be a valuable addition to the current unit."

There are currently 10 officers assigned to Coop City Emergency ESU. Officers Wilkins and Reyes were selected and trained to replace two ESU officers who previously left. Since that time, two more officers retired or left for another service and to compensate for that loss, three more Public Safety officers have been selected for the extensive training program which begins on January 30, 2017. They are Officers Amanda Esparra, Victoria Royal and Mumbai Banfield.

Chief Frank Apollo said: "During my many years of service to Co-op City as a Public Safety officer before being promoted to chief, one of the most challenging and rewarding assignments I had was to serve for eight years as an ESU officer.

The training requirements are the most stringent of any single specialty in the public safety/law enforcement field and these officers have my utmost respect and support. Their willingness to undergo this training, which includes regular follow-up training and testing, not to mention the pressures of the very difficult job, allows Coop City to have a valuable service which has been proven to save lives and get injured or ill residents access to needed professional medical care more quickly than perhaps any other community in the city."

By Bill Stuttig
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