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Blood Bank Coming to Co-op City April 29 2017 Please Donate

Posted: Apr 21 2017 at 11:17pm | Views: 2758
Blood Bank Coming to Co-op City on April 29 2017. Please Donate.

The Riverbay Community Blood Bank will be holding its bi-annual blood drive in two weeks in the Co-op City Bartow Community Center with the assistance of Riverbay Corporation.

The blood drive will be held Saturday, April 29, 2017 in the Bartow Community Center, Room 31, from 10 a.m. till 4 p.m.

Anyone in good health between the ages of 17 and 75, a minimum of 110 lbs. and who has not donated within the last 56 days is an eligible blood donor. Those above the age of 75 may donate providing they have a note from their doctor stating that they may do so. Individuals 16 years of age may donate providing they have a consent form completed by a parent or legal guardian. Consent forms are available at the donation site, or online at Also available will be the use of the Alyx System should you choose it.

The Alyx System allows a donor to donate the same one (1) pint of blood; the difference is that the Alyx System will separate your blood components into two as you donate, allowing two persons the opportunity to receive a complete blood transfusion from your one donation. The Alyx System only takes a few minutes longer when donating, and the collection syringe is smaller than that used in the conventional method. The choice is yours; you will be asked at the time of registration which type donation you wish to make, the conventional method or by using the Alyx System.

The blood center staff will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

All donors must be able to show picture ID and provide their Social Security number. Donating blood is relatively quick and easy. Most persons who are in reasonably good health are eligible to donate, even those on medications may donate with few exceptions. Should you have any questions regarding medical eligibility, you may contact the Hudson Valley, NY Blood Center at 1-800-688-0900.

Please be sure to eat prior to donating.

Light refreshments will be available upon completion of your donation.

Close to 2,000 men, women and children, including cancer, transplant and surgery patients, trauma victims, newborn babies and many more in our community need blood transfusions each day.

Please be a caring person and donate; the life you help to save may be that of a family member, friend or neighbor. For additional information, please contact Joe Boiko at 718-320-3300, ext. 3409.

"Live and Let Live is Good - Live and Help Live is Better."

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