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Intercom System - Do Co-op City Shareholders Get To Choose?

Bruce Gitelson
Guest Group
Guest Group
Posted: Apr 28 2017 at 4:55pm | Views: 6260
Intercom System - Do Co-op City Shareholders Get To Choose?

We have been told our only choice for a new intercom system, installed in Co-op City, is a 19th century system with a few bells and whistles per Management's analysis:

1. Replace the aluminum intercom lobby panel with a stainless steel panel

2. Add an on-line directory

3. New camera that will record all people using the lobby intercom

4. Replace the intercom box in every apartment

It is my belief that we can do better by allowing shareholders the right to pay for options such as:

1. An intercom box with LED panel that would show the person calling

2. Allow the vendor to install a replacement for the peephole, with a camera/LED that can show the person in front of the door and any person on either side of the door.

3. Allow the vendor to provide a remote control that would show either the intercom or peephole view, and with respect to the intercom allow the shareholder to permit access.

We have been told that Riverbay Corporation Management said this cannot be done with the current wiring.

What I am asking is that a town hall meeting be held to air what Co-op City shareholders want. The RFP should request the cost to provide the additional features. The only way to find out is to ask for it and let the vendor tell us if it is possible and at what cost.

Shareholders who want the additional features would be required to pay the cost, plus an additional monthly insurance cost to maintain the equipment.

Bruce Gitelson

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