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Coop City got worse as original tenants started to run

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Guest Group
Guest Group
Posted: May 15 2014 at 8:57pm | Views: 6455
By and large what you observed at the complex was the same thing that occurred in most areas in the boro. Things are certainly not where they should be and by no means does the complex have the diverse tenant base that it should; especially when areas like Bushwick and Greenpoint in Brooklyn are going through a revitalization. However, I can tell you things have improved and hopefully with the development happening in this area and others in the bronx that improvement will continue. The recent refinance through Wells Fargo backed by HUD is another reason things will be a bit better - due to the fact they must adhere to a schedule of capital improvements and the complex is under stricter monitoring. Unfortunately the world has changed since the kinder times you recall. There are still lots of good residents here and prospective ones who are looking to move here once things get a little better. I'm sorry you can't get "your" coop city back and it sucks that there are lots of jerks who do mess things up for the complex as a whole but just like Bushwick, Greenpoint, Fort Greene, Long Island City they (developers, people looking for affordable housing, young professionals, working people and artists) are coming for the Bronx and you will see things change again. The ebb and flow of the urban landscape. You can never go home but, you can hold on to your good memories :)

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Guest Group
Guest Group
Posted: Dec 12 2013 at 2:50pm | Views: 6455
I moved into building 4A in June 1969 and moved out in Oct. 1980 after 11 years. At first everything was spanking new! The schools, the stores and everything. The Co-op greenway fair was so much fun! I made so many friends and had the best childhood growing up in Co-op in the 70's!! By the time we moved out the place started to change. It was getting dirtier and teens were hanging out in the front smoking and yelling and banging on drums. People were getting mugged all over the place! The laundry rooms got gross and that was way back in 1980. Imagine the place today LOL!!!!! I got 11 good years out of that place and each year after it got worse and worse as original tenants started to "run". Its a shame because back in the day it was truly lovely. Now it just looks like the rest of the decaying Bronx.

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