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Try this link t DHCR
Guest Group
Guest Group
Posted: Nov 25 2014 at 11:05am | Views: 2310
Hello - I am so sorry you experienced an issue when trying to get maintenance for your mother's unit. I am not sure why they handles it in that manner. Please use the below link to file a complaint with the DHCR (the state agency that oversees the complex):

I am hoping that with the suspension of Marion Scott (the current "management company")and the pending Bid's of numerous Property Management Companies who might actually do a good job finally remitted to the Riverbay Board of Directors; these types of problems will change in the very near future.

Guest Group
Guest Group
Posted: Nov 24 2014 at 9:29am | Views: 2310
Co-op City has definitely changed drastically. I've called for maintenance assistance and was put on hold for twenty minutes, then when the staff (Robert) did answer the phone he rushed me through explaining the issue immediately put me back on hold. When he returned to the call he was not helpful at all. The staff even said my issue wasn't an emergency and it can wait until the next appointment. My mother is handicap and while in town I wanted to help her by having her tub serviced.

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