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There are a limited number of hall closets available, and because most Co-op City shareholders who have hall closets tend to be long-term residents, the waiting period on the hall closet list is significant. As an alternative, we suggest securing a storage unit to house your personal assets.

There is a hall closet waiting list for each of Co-op City's 35 high rise residential buildings and each building has a different amount of hall closets available for rent. So while one Co-op City building may have 70 hall closets, another may only have 30. In addition, some hall closets are only rented to shareholders living on a certain line in the building, for example, in the Co-op City tower buildings, "H" closets can only be rented to Co-op City residents/shareholders living in cooperative apartments on the "H" line.

If you're still interested in renting a hall closet in Co-op City, please note, all Co-op City applicants interested in renting a hall closet must complete a hall closet application which is available from any Riverbay Co-op City Cooperator Services Office (CSO).

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