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There are a limited number of hall closets available, and because most Coop City shareholders who have hall closets tend to be long-term residents, the waiting period on the hall closet list is significant. As an alternative, we suggest securing a storage unit to house your personal assets.

There is a hall closet waiting list for each of Coop City's 35 high rise residential buildings and each building has a different amount of hall closets available for rent. So while one Coop City building may have 70 hall closets, another may only have 30. In addition, some hall closets are only rented to shareholders living on a certain line in the building, for example, in the Coop City tower buildings, "H" closets can only be rented to Coop City residents/shareholders living in cooperative apartments on the "H" line.

If you're still interested in renting a hall closet in Coop City, please note, all Coop City applicants interested in renting a hall closet must complete a hall closet application which is available from any Riverbay Coop City Cooperator Services Office (CSO).

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