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In Coop City, you will receive Cablevision Optimum MDU Channels. These are channels, provided by Cablevision, dedicated to MDU's (Multiple Dwelling Units). Tune to Cablevision Optimum channels 591-594.
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Get Optimum iO digital TV, Optimum Online high speed internet and Optimum Voice phone services. Get HD channels, blazing fast internet speeds and nationwide calling included with your Optimum Triple Play package.


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DirecTV delivers satellite-based television and broadband services to over 15 million US customers in homes and businesses. You get electronic program guide (EPG), digital video recorder (DVR) services, interactive features, HD programming and quality customer service, DirecTV offer consumers a superior alternative to cable and a superior offering for Coop City cooperators. DirecTV consumers get:
  • Local channels included
  • No equipment to buy. No start-up costs.
  • Free installation of 4-room system.
  • 100% digital picture and sound on every channel
  • Higher customer satisfaction rating than cable - 6 years running.
    Free DVR or HD upgrade.
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Dish Network
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Today's Satellite marketplace continues to grow with more and more people upgrading their home televisions to big screens, flat panels LCD and plasma along with high definition channels bringing the quality of picture in US homes to a level never dreamed of before. Get Dish Network's best offer of a FREE Satellite System, Professional Installation, HD/DVR upgrades, Free Activation, and Packages starting as low as $9.99. Plus, qualify for 3 months of FREE Premium Movie Channels including HBO; 12 months of Cinemax for $0.01 and Great HD offers!

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Coop City DirecTV® and Dish Network™ satellite television rules for Coop City, Bronx, New York residents only.
Television and satellite antennas, flagpoles and other exterior furnishings that do not meet the following requirements are strictly prohibited and any non-complying attachments must be promptly removed.

Objects or fixtures mounted on a balcony or any part of the building are prohibited. RiverBay may allow exterior furnishings, which are items not affixed to the building or permanently mounted on the balcony or railings where in conformance with the following regulations:
  • 1. No Drilling - To prevent water damage and structural problems, cooperators may not drill into or damage any exterior wall surface, balcony floor, balcony railing or any other building surface for any purpose including attaching fixtures or antennas of any kind.
  • 2. Electronic Grounding - All electronics and electrical equipment of any kind, including satellite dishes, must be properly grounded.
  • 3. Installation - Device shall be installed by a professional installer in compliance with manufacturer's specifications and RiverBay's safety rules.
  • 4. Devices must be portable and positioned so as not to create a safety hazard.
  • 5. Devices must rest on balcony surface and be able to resist the forces of wind.
  • 6. No device shall impair the signals of other devices or any other type of signal.
  • 7. Removal - Should device be removed, the cooperator shall restore premises to condition it was in prior to installation, wear and tear excepted.
  • 8. Damage - Cooperator is responsible for any damage caused directly or indirectly by the device or installation or removal thereof.
  • 9. Safety Agreement - Cooperators must receive RiverBay's approval to install and maintain a satellite dish by submitting a completed Satellite Dish Safety Agreement to their CSO no later than three (3) business days after the installation of a satellite dish, along with a non-refundable administrative fee of $25.00. The Satellite Dish Safety Agreement may be obtained from your CSO.
  • 10. Severability - Should any provision of this Safety Notice be found to be unenforceable, all other provisions shall remain in full force and effect.
NOTE: Cooperators without a southern exposure cannot receive signals to their satellite dishes. In southern exposure apartments without balconies, cooperators can only set up a dish antenna wholly within their apartment and hope their dish can pick up a signal through a window.


Coop City MATV (Master Antenna Television)
Dish Network



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Cablevision Optimum nationwide orders

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