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Topic: I can't say Coop has always been a ghetto
Posted: Jul 30 2013 at 4:03pm By The raven
Please explain your use of the term non-factor in this context as it is not clear. Also what does wach mean? Oh wait you mean watch - are you threatening people? Internet thugs are as bad as Internet trolls. BTW "Miss Bitch" was the OP (original poster) she didn't respond so I hope you aren't mistakenly referring to another poster here. Lastly why so defensive? If you don't respect someone or feel they are a threat you wouldn't resort to such childishness. Let's hear something from you other than a useless personal attack on an Internet forum. FYI you are projecting as many educated people use short code online. She might be bitter but, sounds like you may also be in that same boat. No offense but your post didn't say one thing about coop city. You just namecalled a name calling troll. Congrats. Lol (smile I'm trying to be silly) but really post about the complex - what do you think about it? Do you love the area? Do you think it needs improvement? Any suggestions?

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